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Wemvula Telecoms

Affordable, super-fast, world-class wireless, fibre and voice connectivity to consumers at never before seen pricing by providing you with efficient, fast reliable internet you can now run your day to day business, stream from home with no buffering or loading, or make calls without any issues.

Our Telecoms solution offers businesses reliable Internet access through a package that suits your needs.

The world is becoming increasingly wireless! Thanks to various technological advancements, we have more access to convenience and connectivity in our homes and business than ever before! We would love to help you take advantage of living in the fourth industrial revolution!

Specialists in the development of Telecommunications Infrastructure





GSM Towers


The open-access nature of our network prevents the duplication of infrastructure and drives down prices for the end-user. We deploy super-fast world-class infrastructure. Your telecom solutions launch you into the Information Age and put a world of knowledge and entertainment at your fingertips.