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Property Development

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Wemvula Property Development

At Wemvula our companies focus is to continually provide the best possible development and acquisition solutions keeping in line with its core business. That is building a portfolio of quality investment properties with long-term fixed income profiles, through a strategy of development and acquisition.

Wemvula has developed a risk management methodology, as well as the appropriate systems and networks with key market participants, including brokers, consultants, contractors and subcontractors allowing it to manage the development risks inherent in the marketplace.

Our Development Methodology

Wemvula would co-ordinate and manage all phases of the development planning, implementation and facilities maintenance process, including but not limited to;

Define overall works scope
Determining and understanding the overall works scope of the project, and clarification with the Department of Land Affairs of any grey areas;

Understanding the legal & compliance framework under which the project is to be implemented;y areas;

Preparation of legal documentation such as Professional Services Appointment Contracts, Building Contracts, Development agreements, Lease agreements, etc for use in legal implementation;

Setting up bridging finance and project finance facilities, for access when needed to fund the working implementation;

Town Planning
Determine the town planning needs for the facilities planned.

Professional team
Interviewing qualifying & appointment of the Professional team for each aspect of the project. Town planners, Project Managers, Architects, Consulting Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Space Planners, Interior Designers, & specialized consultants (acoustic, fire, IT, landscaping, etc).

Assess existing infrastructure status, capacity and expansion needs.

Develop Environmental Management Plan
Develop environmental management/ implementation plans for contractors, to minimize and manage daily operations.

Master Planning
Preparing the site development master planning (to the extent that this may not have been done)

Urban Design
Determine Urban design framework for the overall site (to the extent that this may not have been done), and apply as design criteria for new projects.

Define Commercial Terms
Determining the development commercial terms through preparation of:

  • Programme – Preparing the development programme & determining the critical path;
  • Cost plan – Preparing the project cost plan in accordance with the sketch plans and programme;

Our Capabilities & Mission

We analyse each projects individual needs and meet every requirement with a technical staff of highly trained construction professionals, as well as a team of specialists in safety, costing, risk management, purchasing, estimating and scheduling. This provides our clients with the surety that the technical and administrative aspects of each project are superbly managed. From the initial planning to completion, we work together to achieve a single goal – the production of an exceptional quality result.

Since its inception, we have has succeeded in building solid relationships that form the framework of the development process.

As a company, we have developed a clear sense of direction. In the future, we endeavour to climb from peak to peak whilst striving towards becoming a leader in our field. Our dynamic team will continue to provide levels of excellence which far surpass our client’s expectations and whilst doing so we will reflect the same core values upon which we were founded. Upon entering into future contracts we look forward to creating lasting relationships with our clients and consultants, with the primary objective of achieving effective, quality results.